6 comments on “Mog Madness Round One Entry

  1. Wow, very nice! Looking at the Torturing Poker, I’m afraid she might poke me in the eyes.. It definitely looks like a warlock alright – nice job with the screenies as well!
    And, is t-that the one and only, true mechanical chicken? /impressed

    Good luck 🙂

    • Thanks! Yep, that’s *the* mechanical chicken. This toon was my very first, started out as an undead on Tichondrius, then moved to a different server to play with some friends, and finally server- and race-changed onto my current server… I remember doing the first OOX quest then looking it up on allakhazam (damn, that dates me) and realizing there were two others to save. Fun times.

  2. Heya,
    I just wanted to confirm with you that you’re aware you’re into round two of Mog Madness? As the round ends on Friday, I’m just touching base with the people that we haven’t heard. If it’s just that you’re taking the time to build the outfit, or are busy, that’s fine. I just don’t want contestants to have somehow missed out (several have already commented they didn’t know it was more than one round).

    If you missed the Round 1/Round 2 post, it’s on my site here:


    JD Kenada

    • Thanks for the heads up. Been working on my outfit, but hit a wall when I realized I’d already completed a few of the quests that gave pieces I needed.
      I’m quickly teaching myself how to use WMV and should have something cobbled together by tomorrow. As an aside, giving us Marrowstrike to build off of? Just a little evil. But I love a challenge.

      • Honestly, MogIt is MUCH easier to use and has window panes of each item…I highly recommend it over WMV. You can even preview what you’ve put together so far while looking at a specific armor slot (such as the Marrowstrike, a pair of pants and a top while you look at the hands slot).

        As I say, no problem on taking your time. I just don’t want any of you awesome moggers missing out. 🙂

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