7 comments on “Sleep? Who needs it?

  1. A Gnome Druid? That was my first though…and then I saw the Eldritch Dagger and the Bloody Dagger and I realized she’s just disguised as a shrubbery!

    • Hehe. Your gut feeling is what I’m shooting for, but without the ability to equip staves or cross-mog weapon types, I’m stuck with daggers as source material. Not exactly many woodsy-looking blades out there.

      In-game, she’s running with the Guardian of Cenarius title, the CE hippogryph, and her baby boomkin pet.

      Biggest problem I’ve had is, she’s so damn short that a lot of detail gets lost. All robes/shirts look kind of bizzare on gnomes, like they’re painted on. Totally blame Blizz for making every female have at least a C size bust.

      • I must be the only guy who’s honestly never noticed. Even now I’m visualizing the races in my head and it’s not going well. lol

      • I think it hit me after playing around with other games’ Character Creation systems, where you have some control over body type. I almost always end up with a short, more naturally proportioned toon (i.e. wider hips/thighs and smaller bust) than what WoW offers.

        After they added mogging, I began to pay more attention to how armor was applied to character models. It struck me how far from reality most races are, how many pieces of gear look painted on. Makes sense from a design standpoint – less 3D modeling needs done when they can simply paste a texture onto the skeleton.

      • I certainly see the difference in the effects of gear based on your sex and race, and as you say it’s much easier if it’s just pasted on.

        Ugh, you just reminded me of all the “Busty League of America” charcters I remember from City of Villains and Champions Online.

    • Thanks! And grats on picking up a nice chunk of gold from WF! I *love* the hood-and-scythe combo. I keep hoping my realm gets a show together, but as we recently got tagged as a New Player suggestion, perhaps we don’t have the numbers to pull one off properly.

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